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   Marisa Guerrero

Meet Marisa

Certified Spiritual Life Coach & Reiki Master

I'm a mom, a wife, and physic spiritual life coach, A Reiki Master, Akashic reader, Oracle reader, & a passionate healer. 

I am passionate about helping you find your divine purpose in life, while helping balance your chakras and assist you in better communicating with self.  

I have always had a drive to do Gods will, and for me this is what it looks like. With being an empath, people seemed to be drawn to have a deep conversation and asking for some sort of advice to assist in their next adventure. Energy healing has always been my passion and I am ready to help assist you in balancing the thing called "Life."

Let me take you on a journey into self-exploration.

Client Love

"Being completely clueless about Reiki, I gave Marisa a shot. Life had been a bit tumultuous and her presence alone is so calming. Her space in which she practices is so unique, so relaxing and inviting and clean. The session was super professional and I felt the positive impact from it pretty quick that day. We sat through a consequent conversation about my life, so her life coaching is definitely something to look into also if you’re in a place where you need some help. Absolutely would recommend her. She just has this aura and I’m so happy I got to meet her."

- Nella

- Kione

Marisa has done two sessions of reiki with me now and each time I left feeling extremely whole and filled with so much joy and love! I have clarity and feel so light! This last time I was really seeking direction and got the answers I needed and was also relieved of some toxicity I was holding on to. I am beyond grateful for Marisa and for her gift of healing and being a master in reiki. I highly encourage and recommend this for everyone

- Dana B


- Reiki Master Angie Montgomery


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