This Solar Plexus Chakra Kit is great to Balance & Aline your chakra to function the best way for you! Reiki infused, so you can put the right intent behind this lovely kit for you!



+Yello Jasper, Orange Calcite

+ Palo Santo Smoke Stick

+ Abalone Shell

+ Solar Essential Oil

+ Instructional Chakra Guide

+ Crystal and Oil Information Cards

+ Yellow candle

+ Matchbox

+ Solar Plexus Chakra Tea



Yellow Jasper is also a highly nurturing stone. It will relieve your stress and bring peace.


Orange Calcite possesses very gentle, cleansing and revitalizing energy to open and remove energy blockages within the body. The vibrations of orange calcite are highly energizing to one’s health and life force energies.


Palo Santo Smoke Stick

Medicinal smoke produces ions which wash away free radicals, airborne pathogens, and bad energies. Palo Santo smoke will cleanse your space and allow for new opportunities and possibilities to manifest. Harvested sustainably when a tree branch falls, it produces minimal smoke with a sweet, woody scent with notes of frankincense, cedar, and licorice. It’s our preferred smoke for everyday rituals.


Abalone Shell

The abalone shell has been used for centuries by many cultures as a tool for smoke cleansing. It calls in the element of water, while the Sage calls in earth, the candle flame calls in fire, and the smoke calls in air. Our shells are from the fresh waters of the Gulf.






*Please note, the size, shape, and color of the natural elements included in this kit can vary. We select each item with love and care. We hope you enjoy!

Solar Plexus Chakra Kit

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