An Invitation to Disconnect

“Happiness depends upon ourselves”


With Marisa Guerrero's Spiritual Retreats, she believes that every once in a while it's good for everyone to not only disconnect from technology, but also from their autopilot status. Open your heart, unleash your spirit, & join our next Spiritual Retreat. 

Reserve your spot for Marisa's next retreat in Bocas del Toro, Panama. We offer payment plans to that you will have plenty of time to get it paid in full & be apart of something wonderful. The link to book is posted here.

"The Recipe of all Healing"  -Rooted

This was Marisa very first hosted retreat were it offered Henna, Restorative Yoga, Sound Healing, Card Readings, and Guided meditation; with it all being Reiki infused. This was held out in Kimberly Creek Retreat in the middle of the woods.

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"The Recipe of all Healing" - Self Love Edition

This mini retreat was done at the beginning of 2022 to set the right intentions for the year & learning to love self & put you first. Restorative Yoga, Angel Card readings, Sound Healing, Henna, & Guided mediation was also offered in this event. Marisa also had  the opportunity to talk to every guest and connect with her and having their own individual mediumship reading. 

"Time to Detach"

October 8th-13th 2022

This is the newest retreat Marisa has been asked to host in October 2022 in Bocas del Toro, Panama. With this off the grid experience we will be immersed in the jungle surrounded by Mother Gaia. We will have the opportunity to travel to the Mangrove to interact with the sloths & other wildlife. We will snorkel in the caribbean sea with some of the most beautiful coral reefs the island has to offer. Have you ever wanted to watch baby sea turtles hatch and travel to their forever homes? We will have this experience as well. We will get to interact with the natives and meet with their Shaman & appreciate the way of the island.  Daily  meditation & yoga out on the beach for the week you are present. You will be fed fresh food straight from the island. Aside from the excursions we will have plenty of time exploring our selves on the inside and be able to quite our mind to listen to what our masters, teachers, & loved ones have to say. With Marisa being a psychic/medium she brings spirit to us to get a better understanding of who we are & how to make the most of this trip here on Earth. We hope that you can be apart of this one in a lifetime opportunity.